The transition through the airport baggage claim, immigration and customs is usually about 30 minutes to 1 hr. All arriving passengers will need a valid passport. The drive time from the airport to the resort is approximately one hour.

*IMPORTANT* As of June 9, 2019, you must add 13% VAT to all services.

We offer three ways to get to Los Sueños Resort.

We work with a local company called Transportes Ruiz due to their vehicles and promptness of service.
Trip Time: between 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. If you do some sightseeing and stop at the crocodile bridge it may take longer.
They offer the following services: Private Van or Coaster.

The best way to fly to Los Sueños is by helicopter and land in the resort’s Helipad by the Marina. The trip take approximately 25 minutes. There are small airplanes that fly to this area, however the closest air strip is 45 minutes from Los Sueños.

We can arrange to have a Rental car waiting for you at the airport. However unless you are familiar with the roads we normally recommend to come to Los Sueños via one of the above alternatives and have the car waiting for you at your accommodation.

The best transportation services for you tailored Costa Rica vacation.
Take a look and let us know what you need.

Luxury Golf Package

Private Luxury Van

Description: These are Toyota Hiace vehicles. A/C. Driver with some English knowledge. The van is recommended for groups of up to 7 people with luggage.
Cost from or to the airport: $110 each way up to 4 people. Each additional passenger pays $10 more. From San Jose Down Town the price is higher.
Luxury Golf Package

Private Coaster

Description: The Coaster is recommended for groups of more than 8-9 people that want additional room. The coaster has capacity for 25 passengers, however the best is to have between 15 and 20 people with luggage.
Cost from or to the airport: $225 each way. From San Jose Down Town the price is higher.
Luxury Golf Package

Helicopter Transfers

Description: There are helicopters that can take up to 6 people and some luggage. If you group is larger it can be divided in several helicopters and he luggage can be sent by earth transportation.
Cost from or to the airport: $1750 each way on a 4 passenger. $1990 for a six passenger. This prices should be used as reference only. Accurate pricing can be provided upon request.
Luxury Golf Package

Rental Car

Description: If you are familiar with Costa Rican roads or want experience driving in Central America we can arrange a rental car to be waiting at the airport.
Cost Per day: From $25 for a Small Compact up to $110 for large SUV. This prices do not include Insurance ($15 to $25 additional per day for basic insurance). This prices may change.
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