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What to do – nighlife

Los Sueños Resort is minutes away from the sprawling Jacó nightlife. You are a short taxi ride away from numerous bars, restaurants,  and Casinos. Options abound. You can choose from Beach bars (great place to meet locals), night clubs, casual lounges and sports bars that remind you of spring break in Daytona (bikini, wet t-shirts, etc.)

These are some of the bars in the area

  • Le Loft: Main Street Jaco
    Jet Set Night Club. (Pictures above from Le Loft).
  • Clarita’s: Beach front Jaco.
    Sports bar, great for drinks at sunset.
  • Backyard Bar: Hermosa Beach
    Very casual Hermosa Beach front surfers bar. Don’t Miss Lady’s night on Wednesday.
  • Beatle Bar: Main Street Jaco.
    Jaco’s classic. Just look for the line of cars 3 lines deep.
  • Ganesha’s Lounge: Beach front Jaco
    Ocean front open bar, electronic music.
  • Congas: Main Street Jaco.
    Latin music, live bands, the dancing place.
  • Stellaris Casino: At the Marriott hotel.
    On site casino.

Looking to have some fun? Tell us your plans so we can help you with the rest.

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