Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Why is ecotourism in Costa Rica?

Ecotourism is in Costa Rica to preserve the environment. The whole point of ecotourism in any country is to improve the local economies while preserving the cultural traditions of the country. Ecotourism is designed to allow visitors to enjoy the natural attractions that already exist without altering or damaging them. In Costa Rica there are so many beautiful attractions and participating in ecotourism allows you to get up close and personal to nature and the uniqueness of the country.

Ecotourism in Costa Rica Nature Tours

Costa Rica has many aspects of nature you would want to see. You can visit national parks; take a tour of a waterfall or even a volcano. Go on specialized tours that focus on different species in Costa Rica such as turtles, monkeys, or crocodiles. Ecotourism in Costa Rica will allow you to feel good about doing our part to help the planet. You will be able to enjoy your tour without any guilt. When you come to Stay in Costa Rica you can have access to natural tours that promote ecotourism and keep the environment in mind. Stay in Costa Rica will donate part of the profits of the tours to organizations that are dedicated to protecting the earth.

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