Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Quick Tips for Enjoying Ecotourism in Costa Rica

This country is well known for its efforts to save the environment as much as possible, which is why many enjoy ecotourism in Costa Rica as part of their vacation plans. When you visit this country with conservation in mind you know that your “carbon footprint” will be as small as possible and that you will be enjoying the rainforests without disturbing them.

Enjoying ecotourism in Costa Rica may also mean doing some volunteer work while there in order to help restore and protect the environment. Many families and religious groups do this, and even if you can only volunteer a few hours or a few days, your contributions will make a tremendous difference. Planting trees, cleaning up areas in and around the rainforest, and even doing office work for certain environmental groups can help those involved. The right vacation package that involves ecotourism in Costa Rica will mean an enjoyable vacation that also makes a difference.

So how do you plan for a vacation that means ecotourism in Costa Rica? What does this involve and how do you know you’ll still have an enjoyable vacation while in this country?

Choosing Your Activity

What would you like to do as part of your ecotourism in Costa Rica? Because there are so many different options you’re sure to find something that fits your skill level and abilities. This may mean office work, fundraising, grant writing, or actual work in the rainforests themselves. Give some thought as to what you would enjoy doing and remember that even if you’re not capable of doing much physically in order to contribute, there are still many ways to enjoy ecotourism in Costa Rica.

It’s good to consider too that ecotourism in Costa Rica doesn’t always mean volunteer work and activities while there. Many Costa Rica accommodations and hotels and are built to keep the landscape as untouched as possible, and if you choose these for your stay you know you’re causing less harm to the environment. Consider choosing only those hotels and resorts that use energy saving methods such as shared, dormitory style bathrooms; this means less water and electricity. Even small touches such as recycling office paper and serving beverages from large pitchers rather than individual containers help to reduce waste, and these Costa Rica resorts can be part of your ecotourism in Costa Rica.

Choose a Tour Company

Rather than trying to plan your vacation with ecotourism in Costa Rica on your own, consider using a tour company for assistance. Like a good travel agent, these companies know the best way to arrange your vacation and to include the activities you want whether than be an eco-tour or volunteer work. When you use a company to help plan your ecotourism in Costa Rica, you know you won’t overlook any details.

Enjoying ecotourism in Costa Rica is more than just a passing fad. It’s a serious way for travelers to enjoy the country without worry and to give back, so don’t let anything stop you from trying this Costa Rica adventure.