Costa Rica Vacation Villas

Why rent Costa Rica vacation villas

Much like renting a home in Costa Rica, a Costa Rica vacation villa will allow you to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica without all the distractions of a hotel. With a vacation villa you will still get many of the same benefits as a hotel including maid service but have the added privacy that your family and friends want. You can also have access to a kitchen unlike a hotel so you don’t need to spend your vacation budget just on food.

A Costa Rica vacation villa or a home?

Deciding between a home for rent and a Costa Rica vacation villa can be a difficult option. Both offer a list of different amenities. A villa feels more like a hotel with maid service being offered. Choose which amenities you want the most during your vacation and decide whether a home or a villa is your best option. Sometimes houses have more rooms and different views but villas can have some of the same amenities including infinity edged pools and jacuzzis. Stay in Costa Rica has both homes and villas to choose from with a list of amenities for each to help you decide.

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