Costa Rica Condo

How to rent a Costa Rica condo

It’s easy to rent a condo in Costa Rica. It’s not much different than a hotel and you need to make reservations. Choose between luxury and premium condos depending on what you preferences you want. Condos are located in convenient areas near many activities and can offer you the best stay in Costa Rica.

What do you need to bring to your Costa Rica condo?

You don’t need to bring much when you rent a Costa Rica condo. Bring whatever you need for your stay in Costa Rica. Bring clothes, definitely some bathing suits and don’t forget the sunscreen. Bring some extra towels since you will be sure to use a lot down by the beach and the pool. You don’t need to bring anything else for the condo. Your condo will be furnished and you will have a fully stocked kitchen. Send in an itemized list of what you would like stocked in your kitchen and it will be there when you arrive. You won’t have any extra stress when you stay in a condo as opposed to a hotel room. Visit Stay in Costa Rica for a list of condos available for rent and to learn more about the amenities you can experience when staying at your condo.

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