Sea Kayak And Snorkeling

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Kayaks and canoes have been plying the oceans of the world for centuries. They were created as tools for survival and travel. Their design remains basically unchanged after generations of refinement. Their beauty lies in their simplicity and functionality.
On the tours we offer you will enjoy a level of service and commitment to quality of experience that will exceed your expectations. The scenery, the distances that you paddle, the equipment, our base of operations, and most importantly, your guide will make this a truly memorable adventure.
We offer, Single Kayaks, Double Kayak, Outriggers, surf kayaks and Sailing in the Trimaran Ashuma.

  • Tour Lentgh: Half Day, in the Morning or Afternoon.
  • Time: 8.00am and 2.00pm
  • Includes: Transportation, bilingual guides, snorkeling equipment, drinks and fruits.
  • What to Bring: Sunblock, sunglasses, swimsuit and towel, change of dry clothes.

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