Nature Tours

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Manuel Antonio National Park

Get close to rainforest wildlife, swim in calm turquoise waters and rest under a tree after a guided walk through the rainforest in which sloths, 3 species of monkeys, rain frogs, toucans and many more beautiful animals are not uncommon. Join us for a enjoyable day of sun and wildlife!


Crocodile Tour

Close to the Carara Biological Reserve is the Tárcoles River, home of a wide variety of birds and crocodiles. A trip down stream will show you the Guacalillo Mangroves, nesting place for the Scarlet Macaw and on the river banks you will see numerous species of birds such as: pelicans, ospreys, frigates, etc. Very spectacular are crocodiles, some measuring up to 23 feet. Take pictures of your guide hand feeding one of those enormous animals.


Ocean Ranch Nature Adventure Park

Ocean Ranch Nature and Adventure Park is a fantastic property located 20 minutes from Los Suenos Resort. At the park you can Rappel down waterfalls, zip line, visit the park on ATVs or Horseback. This is a great place to do several activities in a beautiful location.


Horseback Riding Tours

This tour will take you through stunning scenery and natural forest. Surrounded by amazing flora and fauna, you will arrive at our beautiful secret waterfall. Immerse yourself in a natural spa skin treatment that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. This tour is perfect for first timers and experienced riders alike. A perfect combination of riding, relaxation and fun. A completely unique experience that won’t leave you feeling sore.


Bijagual Waterfall

With 600 plus feet tall; this waterfall is the largest in the country. You will feel like a 17th century explorer; deep in what it looks like a hidden valley. Bijagual’s waterfall lies secret in the upper ridges of Carara National Park. This wonderful place offers many natural swimming pools, a clear water river and little cascades to play with. The lush rainforest offers many types of wildlife such as Scarlet Macaws, White faced Monkeys, Green and Black Poison Dart Frogs and much more.


Poas Volcano

One of the most breathtaking sites in Costa Rica, rising up to 8,885ft, Poas remains one of Costa Rica’s Largest and most active Volcanoes. This full day tour is combined with a visit to a Coffee Plantation or to La Paz Waterfall and gardens.


Arenal Volcano

Enjoy the views and learn interesting facts about the country while you drive to one of the 10 most active volcanos in the world. Once in your final destination explore the rainforest through tree tops on suspended bridges, observing flora and fauna that you normally wouldn’t have access to. End up your journey in the hot springs naturally heated by the volcano where your body, mind and spirit become one. Relax, enjoy and prepare yourself for one the amazing mother’s nature manifestations.


Carara National Park

Carara National Park is an oasis of life and the best representation of rainforest in the Central Pacific. In this park inhabit more than 80% of the mammals of the country, it is not uncommon to see coatis, peccaries, sloths, howler, capuchin and spider monkeys, rare wild cats, hundreds of species of butterflies, red eye tree frogs and 430 species of birds; including threatened Scarlet Macaws. World Class photographers, birders from all over and casual visitors are fascinated by exuberant wildlife and majestic flora.


Mangrove Tour

Head aboard a boat across the Damas Mangrove where the guide will explain the facts about this fascinating Habitat. You will also spot different species of birds, mammals and reptiles in their natural habitat. It is not uncommon to see families of white Face monkeys.


Rainforest Aerial Tram

The Rain Forest Aerial Tram flies through a transitional area between the extremely rare tropical dry forest and the tropical rainforest. This junction between the two ecosystems is packed with exotic wildlife and full of bright tropical vegetation.